“There are a billion ideas in the world but only a few become reality.”

“We all know the cliché; make your dreams come true. Cheesy as hell, but like with all clichés, truth hides within. Let’s try to put it in other words; how do you get from a conceptual idea, to creation, to reality? To me, that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

When I joined the team in creating Charley’s, there was nothing more than a concept and a bare stripped space in the heart of Amsterdam. Three months later, Charley’s opened its doors. It’s all about tipping the mindset, from ‘oh yeah I would love to do that’ to ‘how are we going to do this’ – and then, to just doing it. It’s quick, it’s risky, and it’s often based on guts, but it’s the way to make things happen. To make that dream come true.”

Rik – general manager at Charley’s

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