We're Omri and Emily, and Charley's began as our idea.

First, there was Charley – warm, generous, fun-loving, and spontaneous, he was the kind of person who would drive up in a huge moving truck for an unplanned Saturday morning adventure to Coney Island because he really wanted you to try the fried dough at his favorite food stand. He loved life, he loved his family – especially his two girls – and he always showed up exactly as himself, no matter what anyone else thought.

Charley died unexpectedly in December, before he turned 50, leaving a beautiful, indelible mark on his family and local community. Upon returning from his funeral, Omri walked by this building for rent and felt the strong feeling that it could honor and represent Charley, and that this was the right time and place to create a space for this community. We want Charley’s place to embody the qualities that made Charley who he was, and to honor him by bringing people together in joy, love, fun, and humanity. 

We live on the Nieuwe Kerkstraat with our 1-year-old daughter Delilah. Constantly looking for cozy environments to work in and spaces to bring Delilah to play and explore, we could never find ones that felt quite right. So, we created Charley’s.

Finally, the philosophy of Charley’s is grounded in The Energy Project, a company through which we work with larger organizations to build work cultures that are healthier, more human, and more sustainable. Committed to seeing through blindspots and challenging assumptions about the way we operate as humans and as organizations, we help people and companies tap into the full range of their individual and collective energy to overcome their biggest challenges.