Beyond Smalltalk

Beyond Smalltalk


A work experiment meant to help you engage on a deeper level.

Have you ever realized how terribly awkward and useless small-talk actually is?! That’s why we thought to introduce this activity in order to get your mind off your work for a while, without having to talk about the GODDAMN WEATHER. Instead, we curated 5 discussion topics that will help you share thoughts, opinions & ideas about things that matter. In other words, it helps you to THINK BIG.

Thinking big, and talking about your thoughts and opinions on a deeper level with someone is important, as it influences your levels of emotional energy. Emotional energy is about the quality of our energy, derived from how safe, valued, and challenged we feel at any given time. This is why we come up with different ways to get you to engage on a deeper level with other people. Move past the superficial and get to those things that really matter to you. Express yourself!

This is how it works:

1. Find a partner

This might sound like speed dating at first, but once you get into it it’s actually pretty rewarding (unlike speed dating). You can ask one of us at the front desk to pair you with someone, or you can make those arrangements yourself. Up to you!

2. Talk about it

Pick a discussion topic and express your thoughts and opinions.

1. Do you think your parents did a good job in raising you?
2. Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter; which is better & why?
3. What is your craziest story?
4. What is your greatest fear?
5. What distracts you most when you’re trying to get shit done?

3. Think about it

Once you have wrapped up your conversation, reflect on how it feels to really express yourself in a non-superficial way.

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