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We host a variety of get-togethers, workshops, meetups, birthday parties and special events. Check out our calendar! If you want to host an event, please get in touch. Our team welcomes all your ideas and will help make sure that your event has our full support.

Host Your Event at Charley's

Interested in teaching a class or hosting a workshop?  Looking for a great spot to celebrate a product launch, a company get together,  a birthday party, a baby shower, or just life? We invite you explore Charley's flexible, friendly, and accommodating event spaces! 

Living room

The living room, large and features a variety of furniture and local art, was designed as an area to hang out, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The living room furniture is flexible and therefore, ideal for a variety of different event types including lunches, dinners, parties, trainings, keynotes, and workshops

Capacity: 50 people 


The study was designed as an open, creative workspace with couches, desks, tables, and armchairs, decorated with beautiful work by local artists. The study has furniture that’s flexible enough to make room for any kind of event from a luncheon to a training to a dinner party.
Capacity: 50 people  

Open office

The office, furnished with desks, printers, monitors, and work supplies, was designed for quiet, focused work. The desks also fold down and the chairs move around or out to make room for a small event, including a luncheon, a training, or a reading
Capacity: 40


The back of the living room features two areas designed to entertain children of all ages. The downstairs is built as a play space with mats, climbing equipment, and slides, while the upstairs is more for quiet play, with an arts and crafts table, a board game area, and a small library. We also offer high chairs, a changing table, and kids’ amenities like snacks, diapers, wipes, bibs, and sippy cups.

Capacity: 15 people

PRIVATE (excl.)
BUSINESS (excl.)
2 hours: €1501 hour: €50
3 hours:   €2001/2 day: €150
4 hours: €2501 day: €250
Contact us for catering options.Contact us for catering options.
-Charley Roden

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Nieuwe Kerkstraat 26, 
Amsterdam 1018EB, Netherlands

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