Hourglass Sprints

Hourglass Sprints


A work experiment meant to prevent burn outs


Don’t worry, for this one you won’t have to sprint while holding a giant hourglass (We like to think we’re quite literal, but that would be a little too strange.. Even for us). No, this activity will help you focus your work better by taking set breaks throughout the day.

This experiment falls under the mental energy category. Mental Energy is the focus of energy, which we manage by cultivating absorbed attention and moving dynamically between tactical execution and big-picture thinking. This is why we curate activities, like this one, which will help you focus your work energy more effectively, switch from periods of intense focus to more free flowing creative thinking, all while preventing burn out (because burnouts suck!!!).

This is how it works:


1. Work for 30 Minutes

Put away & shut down anything that will distract you. Now focus until the black sand stops running and see how much you can get done (you got this!)

2. Rest for 5 Minutes

It’s easy to keep going once you’re in your ‘workflow’, but don’t forget to take a break. This will help you prevent burning out & allow you to work longer, more productive days.

3. Fourth time’s a charm

Repeat this cycle 4 times for a solid 2 hours of focused work. After that you have earned an extra long break of 45 minutes to refresh your mind. Take a walk, do a headstand, or high five strangers on the street (if you’re into that).

4. Measure your Progress

Keep track of your 30 minute focus sprints by counting how many times you have turned that black sand upside down. After a while, you will be able to see just how productive you are from week to week.

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