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At Charley’s we have the right room for everyone. Whether you want to come here for focused work, brainstorming, socializing, or just to relax. Do you want to do all of that in one day? No problem: feel free to move between rooms based on how you feel.

The Living Room

This will be the first room you see when you enter Charley’s. It is cozy, bright, has lots of plants, and is where our coffee bar is located. It is perfect for doing some work with a bit of background noise, for reading, or having coffee with your friends.


The Green Room

This is our latest creation, and we love it. You can never have enough plants, which is why we have decided to turn one of our spaces into a little jungle in which you can work, have coffee with friends, or just sit there and be happy about all the plants.

The Study

Being the biggest room at Charley’s, the study has enough space for everyone to find their perfect spot to get things done. Whether you like big windows & sunlight, or a cozy corner, the study has all the comfortable office chairs and large work tables you could ever need.

The Focus Room

If you need to get things done and want to do it without any distractions, then the Focus Room is perfect for you. You can choose a side table, or the central conference table. Just remember: No talking allowed. We have call rooms for that 🙂

The Atrium

From brainstorm sessions, to Hackathons, creative work, or focus sprints, this room has everything you would ever need. Oh and it has a glass ceiling – hence the name – meaning it is always filled with natural light.

The Coaching Room

When you enter the back of Charley’s, you will fine a small & intimate coaching room, which is perfect for small meetings, brainstorm sessions, or Skype calls.

The Call Rooms

We have built soundproof call rooms so you can take your business meeting or Skype interview while you work here without disturbing others around you.