Who is Charley’s?

Charley’s exists thanks to the people who work here. This page is dedicated to these awesome individuals. Find out who they are & what they’re up to.


What is there to say about Omri? Maybe the better question is, what isn’t there to say? Omri is passionate and intuitive and curious and open and accepting and judgmental and arrogant and chaotic and scattered and real. Come to Charley’s and he is likely to be one of the first people to come up to you and introduce himself, and follow that up with a deep question or insight about who you are as a human being. You will likely walk away from that first conversation feeling uncomfortable, but strangely enlightened, excited, and inspired.


Emily is one of the owners, but you probably wouldn’t know it! She is most comfortable keeping to herself, at first. Be careful. Soon you will realize she is NOT a quiet, reserved, or a shy person. It is actually the exact opposite. Emily is intense, outspoken, opinionated, and provocative. She has the ability to throw the world upside down, if she wants, but will never leave you without a safety net to come down to. Be prepared, the first conversation you have will likely include a serious and deep discussion about your childhood and relationship with your parents. She is also happy to speak to them if needed.


Laura is a proper boss, who has never been one. She loves it. We are starting to think power has corrupted her. Unlike Jan-Willem, above, she is still trying to figure out her job, and life in general. Having said that, she has certainly figured out how to make people feel at home and members and guests make specific requests for  her to make the coffee…. Try one.


Most of us are not cool (certain people think they are…). We needed to look cool and went searching. Welcome Constantin. This guy can pull off beatle boots and alligator print pants in the peak of summer. There isn’t really a way to describe him. He is a mix of today’s young generation, but without the entitlement, and a rocker from the 60’s, minus the rock.


There is a little competition between Kick and Laura on who can make the best coffee. They won’t admit it though. Kick does a lot of the creative work around Charley’s. Anything from brochures to layouts of furniture when it suddenly changes. Hands down the sweetest guy we have met – soft spoken, somehow knows everyone you can think of and will always step in to help.


Emma has been with us for quite some time now and we think we are finally starting to figure her out. Needless to say, she is always open for a good conversation whether it’s about politics, creativity & her photography or something totally random.


Mahir is the only true adult at Charley’s. He knows his shit and has the experience to back it up. He has lived many lives, and at the moment, we’re lucky he’s decided to spend his time with us. Although most recently joining the team in 2019, Mahir was an integral part of how Charley’s came to be. Omri and Emily refused to get coffee anywhere but his old cafe just down the street. Our coffee is his blend and our recipes are his. Returning after a long period away with a lot of suggested changes, he is giving Omri’s ego a hard time, so offer support.


When you venture into Charley’s on the weekend you will find someone who is happy, often clumsy & always dressed for festival season. Meet Koen. He is extremely friendly, welcoming, and a total coffee nerd – meaning that he will be able to handle any kind of special request you send his way with ease. If you just need someone to have a friendly discussion about virtually anything, then he is your man.


This will remain a ? for now, as Alex is the newest addition to our Charley’s Team. What we have noticed already is that she is open, friendly, makes great coffee, and is ALSO into photography. Coincidence? Probably not since Omri, the owner, is a photography geek.