The Weapon of Reason

The Weapon of Reason

We have all seen blockbuster movies where computers have finally decided that humans are useless and have thus become quite preoccupied with taking over the world. While they’re exciting and at the same time very disturbing, the current state of AI is not at the point where we have too much to worry about. At least according to The Weapon of Reason’s ‘Toward Superintelligence’ Issue.

“Software complex enough to mimic the human brain could well be impossible as we barely understand how the human brain works.”

While this might cause a sigh of relief, it doesn’t discredit the fact that AI technology has never been more integrated and relevant to our daily lives.

When looking for an easy read, a magazine about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably not going to be your first pick and I think art director Mike Andrews of ‘Human After All’ realized this. When I discovered it next to our favourite fashion and photography magazines I must say it grabbed my attention. The simple, colorful yet strong graphic style that accompanies topics ranging from the history of AI, the role of technology to today’s sex & love life, to AI running on racist data, are quite stimulating and help you visualise the topics at hand.

For those of you who are not just interested in pretty pictures and illustrations, but are looking for accurate, well written magazine articles then rest assured; the issue’s contributors list is quite impressive. From award winning journalists specializing in artificial intelligence, quantum computers and technology, to university professors and CEOs of leading AI programs and companies, the Human After All team selected a diverse group of experts that give the magazine a wider appeal. With 40 different AI articles connected various industries and facets of life you are bound to find something you are interested in.

“So what’s the verdict – do you recommend this magazine? “ you might ask.

Well, if you are not in the mood for vanity, fashion and pretty models, but would rather learn about something that is going to impact our lives dramatically in the future (and is already doing so today), then Weapon of Reason’s ‘Towards Superintelligence’ should be something for you.

*That being said, there is a fashion article here too, and while it doesn’t have much vanity or any pretty models it does have insight on a very interesting and important topic; the replacement of marginalized and exploited workers of the fast fashion industry by AI technology, including the benefits and ethical dilemmas that come with it.

Much better than ‘Kylie Jenner’s top 5 lip filling hacks’, right?!!

Yeah, we think so too.

Anyway, if you are interested, feel free to grab it from our Magazine Rack next time you’re at Charley’s, purchase it at the Athenaeum here in Amsterdam, or find it online at https://weaponsofreason.com/

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