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The WHY behind Specialty Work Studio


These days, a growing portion of the working community has a freedom in how and where they work, whether they’re consultants, freelancers, or people just feeling lost and needing a project to try and find themselves. The economic crisis of 2008 played a role in these circumstances – whether they were choices or not, but mindsets and attitudes around work in general have also begun to shift. More and more people are taking advantage of a broadening opportunity to choose a more engaging environment for their work — one that allows them to experience different surroundings, people, and think in new ways.

With the rising demand, the supply of co-working spaces has also increased exponentially, with new ones popping up constantly. The appeal is clear when you think of colorful, modern looking offices with short term, flexible, contracts and one fee that includes work spaces, meeting rooms, quiet spaces for calls, and communal areas.

There is some magic in the idea of co-working, a reason they are so appealing. The combination of the freedom inherent in the setup, with the natural diversity of backgrounds, professions, and mindsets allow for a different kind of connection and collaboration — even when people are just working side-by-side.

We clearly have an opinion on the future of co-working. As we build Charley’s, we are constantly looking at what do we want to avoid, and what do we want to explore further.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

— T. S. Eliot

Our goal is not just to create just another pretty office space. We want to give you a space to grow, to question, to feel safe enough to take risks. We reflect here. We uncover and debate and challenge. We live, and laugh. We move furniture and paint murals. We find new artists and experiment with different ways of working. We ask each other uncomfortable questions that somehow don’t seem uncomfortable within these walls. And those walls — along with our commitment to providing a safe place for people to explore — are pretty much the only things that are permanent. Within the basic structure we set out with, nothing is fixed. Everything shifts and changes according to the needs in the moment. It’s all an experiment.

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