Who is Charley’s


Charley’s exists thanks to the people that work here. This page is dedicated to these sexy individuals/awesome weirdos. Find out who they are & what they’re up to.

The Team



If you speak to Carmen for 5 minutes you will quickly realise two things. She thinks incredibly fast, and is capable of accidentally making things really awkward if she is really herself. No bullshit or filter. You are in for an interesting conversation no matter what.



Jan-Willem is a gentle soul. He is ambitious, and cautious, and thoughtful. Has an ego almost as big as Omri’s, but only letting it out over a long period of time; think years. He started working for The Energy Project Netherlands almost 3 years ago, when there was not a single client, or anything to do for that matter, but he somehow figured it out.



Laura is a proper boss, who has never been one. She loves it. We are starting to think power has corrupted her. Unlike Jan-Willem, above, she is still trying to figure out her job, and life in general. Having said that, she has certainly figured out how to make people feel at home and members and guests make specific requests for her to make the coffee…. Try one.



Most of us are not cool (certain people think they are…). We needed to look cool and went searching. Welcome Constantin. This guy can pull off Beatle boots and alligator print pants in the peak of summer. There isn’t really a way to describe him. He is a mix of today’s young generation, but without the entitlement but a lot of care. And a rocker from the 60’s, minus the rock.



This will remain a ? for now, since we’re still figuring her out.. It’s safe to say though that she makes some pretty damn good coffee. Oh, and she also takes awesome pictures with her analog camera.

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